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Compact Medical Solutions™ got its start in a NICU in Indianapolis, Indiana. A colleague of Dr. Jonathan Merrell pointed out a significant clinical problem: because medical equipment is bulky and expensive, people with advanced training rarely have what they need to save lives on hand when a crisis arises in public.

What's worse is that in a majority of resuscitations, lifesavers give patients too much air, a problem known as hyperventilation. Hyperventilation causes a drop in blood return to the heart and in some cases this results in death.

Compact Medical is solving these problems with the Butterfly BVM™ – a revolutionary bag-valve-mask (BVM) that medical personnel can use to ventilate patients that are not breathing properly. Unlike conventional BVMs, the Butterfly BVM™ collapses into an ultra-compact form, allowing for easy storage and transportation. The Butterfly BVM™ ensures safe resuscitation by preventing hyperventilation, and possesses a number of other firsts for the industry.

Compact Medical Solutions™ was formed in 2016 by co-founders Jonathan Merrell, MD, Gustavo Amorim, MBA, Adam Scott, BSBME, Dillan Nayee, BSBME, and Varun Prakash, BSChE. Shortly after the company was founded, Compact Medical entered an entrepreneurship competition hosted by Purdue Northwest called the Big Sell and won resources to jump start the company. The award, coupled with early investments allowed Compact Medical to partner with professional prototyping firms to build the first functional prototype of the Butterfly BVM™, secure our first patent (and apply for others), and build a Board of Advisors with over a century of collective expertise in medical device design, regulatory affairs, IP protection, and entrepreneurship.

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