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Compact Medical Solutions™ (CMS) got its start in a NICU in Indianapolis. Company founder, Dr. Jonathan Merrell, was working one night when a colleague pointed out an important clinical problem. Many people have advanced training in lifesaving, but medical equipment is bulky and expensive. As a result, people with training rarely have medical equipment with them when a crisis arises in public places.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are critical for supporting a person's heart in event of an emergency, and AEDs are often available in public spaces. However, an AED cannot provide support for a victim's lungs. With the rise of communicable diseases, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is often foregone and full heart and lung support must await the arrival of an ambulance.

The Butterfly BVM™ aims to change that. Unlike conventional bag-valve-masks (BVMs), the Butterfly BVM™ collapses into an ultra compact form for storage and transport. This makes it possible for a lifesaver to carry the device in their glove compartment, their purse, or even their pocket. The Butterfly BVM™ is also being prepared to save space and weight in military and humanitarian organization backpacks, and to be stocked alongside AEDs in public spaces. By making BVMs readily available, first responders will be able to give lung support without delay.

In addition to Dr. Merrell, Compact Medical Solutions™ was founded by three Purdue engineering/design students and a graduate from the Krannert School of management. CMS's board of advisers includes two physicians, a seasoned patent attorney, an established accountant, and others with years of experience in business and technology.

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Jonathan Merrell, MD


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